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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Physical Attraction by Madonna

     Madonna was not yet a household name when "Physical Attraction" first hit the clubs scene in July of 1983.  From her revolutionary debut album, Madonna, "Physical Attraction" is a stunning track that sounds just as hot today.  Its throbbing 80s bass groove and synth is nothing short of irresistible, and her vocals demand attention.  This track should have been much bigger if you ask me, but I can rest in the fact that this song is widely considered legendary by millions of Madonna fans and music critics around the world.  It's slinky and sexy and hot- close your eyes and it's easy to imagine a dancefloor packed full of sweaty people, lost in the grooves...  Kids today go nuts when hearing this- yes, it really is that cool.  This was new and fresh and exciting in 1983- it was disco with a twist, and the beginning of a new era and sound in dance music.  The 80s rule!

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