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Monday, July 18, 2011


     Seriously, what's not to love about "The Seduction"?   Once Dionne Warwick begins warbling the title tune over the opening credits, the viewer is blasted head first into full-on 80's kitsch at its best.  The divine Morgan Fairchild plays a popular TV news anchor, Jamie Douglas, who finds herself stalked and spied on by her hunky yet obviously deranged neighbor Derek (Andrew Stevens). Jamie grows increasingly alarmed, as she starts to fear for her life all while reporting on the local "Sweetheart Murders".  Jamie eventually turns to not only her older boyfriend Brandon, played by Michael Sarrazin, but his cop buddy as well.  But the local law basically tell her there's nothing they can do.  So Jamie takes matters into her own hands and goes all Charles Bronson and buys a gun.  Enough is enough already!

      I love this movie.  Everything about this movie.  From the cardboard acting and dialogue to the mind-blowing 80's vibe , it's a wonderfully entertaining b-movie thriller that actually boasts some pretty good moments sprinkled throughout.  Although it has great potential and threatens any minute to venture into full-blown shock territory, it never quite does...  It's sorely lacking in the body count department- sure, Derek comes off as obviously unbalanced and creepy... but knocking a couple of people off would have made him seem a bit more dangerous.  Not that it ruins the film, by any means.  It's loads of fun.  But it could have went full throttle on the fear factor.  Oh well.

     Anyway, "The Seduction" is much more of a suspense thriller- an extremely entertaining suspense thriller.  Trash, to be sure, but campy and delicious trash.  And it actually predates "Fatal Attraction" by about 5 years, although it's nowhere near as good a film as that one.  Still, I can always settle down with Morgan and Andrew on a rainy day.  This is pure 80's camp all the way, and only gets better with age.

     Filmed solely for the purpose to highlight the charms of Miss Morgan, the film offers no intellectual insight whatsoever.  This is simply for straight men to watch the lovely Morgan Fairchild stalked by a psychotic stalker and in various stages of undress,  and for gay men to delight in the utter campiness of it all.  Throw in Colleen Camp as Morgan's wise-cracking best friend Robin, and you've got a recipe for fun.  Part slasher, part TV movie, and part soft-core porn, "The Seduction" is prime 80's silliness.  "The Seduction" makes a great double-feature with "Eyes Of A Stranger", starring Lauren Tewes of "The Loveboat" and Jennifer Jason Leigh, or "Eyes Of Laura Mars" with the smashing Faye Dunaway! (The "eye" thing was just a coincidence!)

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