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Monday, July 18, 2011


     I love this movie.  "Night Of The Comet" is a super-rad teenage zombie flick about two Valley Girls  surviving a mass exctinction by a comet- a comet that supposedly wiped out the dinosaurs the last time it swung through Earth's neighborhood.  See, the two sisters are left to an empty world, well, sort of.  Although most of Earth's population are now extinct, there are some left who became zombies, of course.  Starring Catherine Mary Stewart, Kelli Maroney, and cult favorite Mary Woronov, it's a gleeful mix of teen comedy, sci-fi, and horror.  It very smartly manages to lovingly play up the low-budget sci/fi and horror flicks of the 70's while wryly commenting on 80's teen culture at the same time.

     Catherine Mary-Stewart and Kelli Maroney play Reggie and Samantha, two fun-loving sisters living in Los Angeles.  Reggie works at the local movie theater and is a video game junkie AND guns expert, whereas Sam is a total Valley Girl and cheerleader.  It seems a huge comet is headed towards Earth, and everybody outside who were exposed to the comet turns to strange, orange dust.  Everybody except our heroines, Reggie and Sam- who both just happened to spend the night in rooms or structures encased with steel (apparently, if you were surrounded by steel, you were safe from the comet's deadly rays... just go with me on this!).

     The fun begins the next morning when the two sisters wake up to slowly realize that everybody is gone... or are they?  Although most of the human population has been wiped out, seems there were some who only got small doses of the comet's rays and didn't die after all.  Instead, they turned into flesh-eating zombies. Yes, you heard me right.  Two Valley Girls battling flesh-eating zombies in an apocalyptic and empty Los Angeles?  Yes, please!  I love the 80's.  And on top of the zombies running around, it seems a demented bunch of scientists are desperately searching for all survivors of the comet...

        Being a true 80's kid, there is much to savor in this flick.  The hair and fashion, for one. This is an 80's lover time capsule. Kelli Maroney absolutely steals the show in just about every scene she's in, but Catherine Mary Stewart shines as tough gal Reggie.  PURE 80's kitsch all the way- it's campy, cheesy, and hilarious fun.  All the makings for a classic 80's flick.

     "Night Of The Comet" skillfully tiptoes between comedy and horror- the scares are minimal, but effective. If you can possibly imagine "Dawn Of The Dead" mixed with "Valley Girl", you get "Night Of The Comet".  One of my all-time favorites of the decade- it's a must-see!  It's totally offbeat and clever, and doesn't try to be anything but what it is- a great big ole' B movie just like they used to make 'em.  Valley Girls vs. Zombies- how could you NOT enjoy a movie like this?  "Night Of The Comet" is a bona fide cult classic.

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